Because Self-Experience Matters

My previous blog was called ‘Got Time to Blog…’ It was made in 2004 and I knew I wouldn’t get much time to blog. And I just entered my 20’s then and that was the best title I could come up with. I have been thinking to restart blogging again. I made couple of new blogs also – one for Hindu scriptures, 1 for entrepreneurship but then it was going to be difficult to maintain all of these. I hence collated all my previous blogs into one and today, in the shower, I came up with the title for the blog – Because Self-Experience Matters.

Why: Being a ardent believer of  Simon Sinek’s Start With Why,I was trying to find a reason to blog, something that mattered to me more than what or how I do it.  I want to publish this blog about my experiences. My Self Experiences. I believe that Self matters the most and I want to encourage others to do that as well. It is important that we all understand our self (self-study) and understand what we have experience.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Internet was once a beautiful place and even in this vast network each person had a sense of individuality. But now our sense of being an individual is losing day by day with the advent of social media. Many of us are becoming blinded by the advertisements thrown at us, the statistics shown to us, by academia, corporate, news and even government. In all this, how much does your experience on a subject matter? The millenials are getting more confused as they are born into a world where a person can’t hear even his own voice. Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram give a false sense of identity. We think we are speaking up but actually our voice and thoughts are bundled into a hashtag which becomes a statistic in itself for sentiment analysis.

What: What is self experience – A man is born into this world and experiences the world with his 5 senses – sight, sound, eat, touch and smell. What makes a man depends on what he does with his 5 senses, mind, intellect. All this constitutes the self. This opinion of the self is important than what the community & world thinks or believes. Self experience includes everything from mundane tasks to views on the world – my daily routine, the books I read, the movies I watch, the places I visit, the way I work, my views on religion, community, world and life itself.

How: I plan to start writing on this site more regularly (to the extent that it might look like my daily journal). I also plan to have YouTube videos and podcast later.


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