How Internet teaches us to be more responsible

 Man has always wanted to be part of group since the beginning of time. That is how civilizations grew. But to be part of a group you have to adhere to some rules and regulations. Only then you could be admitted in the group. The group could be a society, town, village, city or country. But if you had to be part of the group you need to adhere to the rules, whether you like it or not.

Man also has responsibility not to do wrong actions towards others. There are different type of people in the world and some people want to help others and some people want to hurt others. That is where religions came in. They provided a context so that each man tries his best to be good to others and to himself in the benefit of the group (described above). Every religion professes to do good towards others (humanity) so that You  (the individual) would also benefit with it.

But with the internet, the boundaries that define a group are fading away. Man is no longer grouped on the basis of his location, age, gender, race etc. For once he feels he has complete freedom to commit actions that he likes. The society or groups are not well prepared to enforce the rules. In this situation, what should the Man do? Should he indulge in activities which he likes but which he knows that are not according to the rules laid down? Shall he commit actions which are legal but which he knows goes against the context of humanity? Do you always need to be governed by the rules and laws or can you think for yourself whether your actions are right or wrong?   Internet teaches us to be more responsible about what we write, say, show to others till these groups don’t figure out a way to govern.

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