The Social Network – A small review

I am watching The Social Network movie again on HBO. I watch this movie again and again and I feel  that the movie does  not portray Mark Zuckerberg as a negative character. I like movies when it is very difficult to judge a character and the movie leaves it to the audience to decide what is right and what is wrong. Moving on, David Fincher has captured the ambitions of young adults very properly. The screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and author Ben Mezrich is the best part of the movie.

A personal observation: While watching the movie, I was thinking about the whole Mark and Eduardo thing. I think that when Mark Zuckerberg started the Facebook with Eduardo Saverin, even he was not sure about the outcome. Both knew the idea was great, but no one knew how successful it will be. Money changes everything, even relationships. And that is what the movie has so beautifully shown on screen. 

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