Can you really control everything?

I woke up in the morning and was trying to rush to office for a client call. I tried my best to finish my morning schedule on time.  Quickly I left home only to find that some moron had parked his bike outside my home. After leaving the gates, I found additional traffic on road. Finally, I reached office on time for the call only to find that the client couldn’t come today due to technical reasons (some problems with his computer).


Even after controlling so many things in the morning, I still couldn’t have the client call. There are so many things happening outside your control that you cannot predict the outcome. The only thing that you can do is give your best shot at whatever you do. You cannot expect the results of your actions. You cannot guarantee the results of your actions.  Even if I had reached office half an hour early, what was the probability of the meeting taking place? It reminds me of the fact that we can only give our best shot at whatever job or task we are doing and leave the outcome to the universe.



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  1. I have felt the same, surprisingly huge number of times, in the past. We underestimate randomness, in our bid to "control everything".Being proactive won't help. Having a good reaction to randomness is a good strategy. Mostly a PlanB almost always helps!Also making use of randomness to your advantage, is wherein money lies!

  2. Very good observation. Being proactive can only help you as much. We should be happy as much as we can about all the randomness. That might keep our day better. If we are open to randomness and accept it as part of our lives, then we can have a good reaction to it. Thanks for suggesting about Plan B!

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