Why did I stick to blogger

I mentioned in my previous post that I am using the same blog even though I am blogging after a long time. I meant that I chose Blogger over Tumblr, Facebook, WordPress to blog. Or I daresay microblog.

My first blog (this one) has been on Blogger since August 2004 (wow, thats old!). After that I have had many blogs on WordPress devoted to one topic each like Entrepreneurship, Databases etc. Then I also use WordPress extensively to build my websites. Apart from this, I have played around with Facebook Notes, Posterous and more recently Tumblr too.

So, when I thought of restarting blogging, my first impression was not to use Blogger at all. I was googling on how to migrate my Blogger posts to Tumblr. But I still chose Blogger because:

1. It is still not easy to import your posts into Tumblr. There are some scripts available online but I didn’t wan to use those.
2. I tried Facebook Notes, but Notes are available only to Facebook users. Surprisingly, photos are available to everyone, but notes aren’t.
3. I believe I still have some loyal readers for my existing blog who have subscribed this blog in their reader.
4. Blogger is the good old blogging platform. I can blog on blogger and import my feeds on facebook which solves my purpose.
5. Blogger is part of Google. I love Google. I love Android till now. Then we have Picasa albums integrated into Blogger. I just want to see how all of these fit together to give an easy blogging/micro-blogging experience.

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