Pune Railway station

A few weeks back there was almost a stampede on the foot over bridge at Pune railway station. I had gone to the station today evening to pick up my parents from platform no. 3. The situation on the bridge was really shameful. The railways had to pay the salaries of two policemen whose only job was to make sure that people keep moving on the bridge and do not create a traffic jam. My coolie was constantly shouting to keep moving otherwise a traffic jam will occur. 

There are two bridges at Pune station. The old one is around 10 feet wide which is used  a lot. The railways made a new bridge few years back , but since that bridge is literally outside the station, no one uses. it Hence even though the population of Pune has doubled in past decade we still have one bridge to handle the increase in traffic.

I just don’t understand why the railways doesn’t increase the price of platform ticket by 1 and make it Rs. 4 or Rs. 5. Also, why cant they just increase the ticket fares if they are short of funds?



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