The Real Entrepreneur

I attended the NASSCOM Product Forum, Pune on 25th September, 2008, where they unveiled  ‘NASSCOM Software Product Study’.The Study was quite informative, but there was a concern that the companies profiled in the study were mostly existing since 3-5 years. For me, it did not exactly reflect the pain points faced by companies in their early months. Anyways, some people from the audience were voicing their opinion about the real issues faced by startups and small companies. It was a good discussion at the end of which Subash Menon, Founder and Chairman of Subex Technologies said (not exact words)  : “No matter what difficulties or problems you face, a real entrepreneur overcomes them and solves those problems. Others might close their shop and find opportunities elsewhere. That is the differentiating factor between an entrepreneur and others.”  Well said, very well said.

On similar lines, the theme for the current issue (October 2008) of I.T Magazine (in India) is Tech Entrepreneurs. And their cover art shows a Man in suit unrolling the road as a carpet in front of him. In true sense, it means the man is paving the way for himself.

Now I think it is really difficult to become a true entrepreneur. The qualities discussed above are the ones that sets them apart. It is easier said than done. Believe me. You need to focus, concentrate, strength of character, support from loved ones to stay on the path. I am not sure whether I am fully qualified to call myself as an entreprenuer. But I hope I will be. Someday.

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