Thank You For Calling, Have A Nice Day

I just called Airtel Customer Care to register my Home Landline for National Do Not Call (NDNC). When I say ‘just called’, I meant I called them at midnight (too busy to do these things during the day!). I called from my house in Pune, India and am sure the call was received by some Indian working at some call center in India. He asked for my landline number and where I am calling from. Anyways, it took hardly 1 minute to do that, and there were no issues in getting that done, but at the end of the call, the fellow at the other end wishes me ‘Thank you for calling Airtel, Have a Nice Day’. You see where I am getting at ? For God’s sake, its midnight, you know I am from Pune, why can’t you just wish me good night, instead of wishing me a good day. I guess a IVRS might do a better job at it (you just need to program it to wish a customer according to the time he/she is calling).

I know all these BPO operations are a huge source of revenue and employment generation for India. It has changed the whole demography of many small towns and Tier-II cities. We have better spending power now. It has given a rise to all malls mushrooming all over India, which in turn generates more jobs. Good for us! But then we don’t use our common sense any more. Even though the guy from Airtel who recieved my call was trained to say ‘Thank you for calling…’, I think he should have wished me good night. But thats not the way it is.

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  2. Rishi this is a good post 🙂 And it instantly reminded me of one scene from the movie "Welcome to Best something Marigold Hotel" where the British lady is teaching the call center reps to deviate from the script and actually have a conversation with the person. Its so essential in life and I have seen how much difference a small personal touch in conversation makes to what you are trying to achieve though the conversation. Good post!

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