My Blog has its own URL !!!

Yes. If you are reading this on my blog (and not through a RSS feed), then you will notice that the URL in your address bar is

I never believed in all this domain business, but lately I realized you need to have your identity in the online world, some sort of presence in the virtual world. After you meet people at social gatherings or after networking with people, some might want to go back and know more about you. They might want to contact you. Some might need your help after a few weeks and they might just remember your name. In today’s world, they will go online and search you (on LinkedIn or Facebook) or else just google you. And the best way to be found online (other than blogs) is to have your own website + a good URL.

So now I have my own domain –, which cost me a lot, as the .com one was not available (even after requesting), and .in (India) ones are double the cost of .com domains. A .com domain is the most preferable, as thats what started it all. But apparently, these country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) like .in, .us, .uk are more expensive than the generic .com one. Searching on Godaddy, I found that the most expensive international domain is .jp ( Japan ). I guess I paid quite less compared to some ‘Rishi Agarwal’ from Japan who will have to shell out $99.99/yr for 🙂

Note : Only works and points to my old blog I have not put up any website yet, hence will take you to ‘Work In Progress’ page.

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