Best Movie I Saw in 2007

Well, there are many fantastic movies I saw this year. Its difficult to remember, but to name a few – City of Gods, Die Hard 4, No Smoking, The Sound of Music, Indiana Jones Trilogy etc.

But the best one I saw is Pan’s Labyrinth or El Laberinto del Fauno ( 2006 ) . Its the most captivating, spell-binding movie you will get to see, after Lord of the Rings. Actually, it should be put in the leagues of LOTR. Guillermo Del Tero does a top-notch job in story-telling. This is a must-see for all the fantasy lovers. The enchanting background score does justice to the screenplay. The actors have done a wonderful performance, specially Ivana Baquero , who plays the main character – Ofelia , a little girl who believes in fables. Sergi Lopez plays the evil Captain Vidal, whom you fear and hate so much. Not all the effects in the movie are animated or CGI. The director has used puppetry, traditional prosthetics to give a realistic effect to the makeup and costume.

Btw, the movie is in Spanish language and has a running length of 120 minutes.It is rated R for graphical violence. ( Many parents in Mexico took their kids to theaters without knowing this ) .
Its too bad that movies like these are not taken up by any distributor in India. ( As they know the number of the crowd that will turn up ! )

If this is not compelling enough for you to watch it, then read this :

  • It won 3 Oscars for – Best Achievement in Art Direction, Cinematography and Makeup.
  • It was nominated for 3 other Oscars – Best Achievement in Original Score, Original Screenplay and Best Foreign Language Film .
  • It won the BAFTA award for – Best Foreign Language Film , Makeup, and Costume Design
  • It was nominated for the coveted Golden Palm award of Cannes Film Festival. After the show, it received 22 minutes of applause at the Cannes Film Festival !!!

This is the last blog from me this year. And my last recommendation for this year will be to grab a copy of this movie and watch it, in case you haven’t.

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