Continuing from my last post, I have seen that traffic in Mumbai is because of the high number of vehicles in that metro. There , you have traffic jams only at signals with long queue of vehicles waiting at a signal for 15 mintues ! But , as the number of 2 -wheelers are very less compared to number of 4 -wheelers in Mumbai , the situation doesnt worsen as it does in Pune .

Also, in Pune , the traffic is not because of increase in number of vehicles in past few years, but because of the bad condition of the roads and the 2 – wheelers and rickshaws who drive very harsh here. Of course , the vehicles have increased , but that is obvious, isn’t it ? That has happened in every city in India , because as the nation is developing, as the population is increasing, the lifestyle has improved, the per capita income has become more, and hence people are obvioulsy buying vehicles rather than depending on the public transport. ( Public transport in Pune, Bangalore is one more issue which I wont go into now ) . Shouldnt the government have anticipated the increase in vehicles and tried to improve the infrastructure in Pune ? What were they thinking, that ” why not call more and more IT companies in Pune , and our roads will still be able to bear the additional burden “.

Right now, the traffic situation in Mumbai is still bad, but atleast it is better than a decade back because of so many flyovers built in last decade.Why didnt the PMC ( Pune Municipal Corporation ) think of this situation long time back ?

Pune is already going the ” Bangalore ” way and companies are already opting for other cities like Ahmedabad and Calcutta. Many industries already left Maharashtra in 90’s , and now the same thing will happen for IT.

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  1. But Rishi, u n me , we also ride 2-wheelers………;)Anyways, I guess u wanna say tht, if the public transport is better, lesser no of ppl would use their own 2-wheelers.seems, u thinking a lot on public causes, why not join an NGO?

  2. pagal hai kya ? i think these NGOs are totally useless, a bunch of ppl. who have nothing better to do in life ! anyways, i dont seee any way how the traffic condition of Pune will improve !

  3. Hmm …No foresight whatsoever …Though it is true that the govt has woken up a little later and missed the bus, but all is not lost.All these guys need to do is to patch up the roads real nice and slick.What I have noticed is that traffic jams happen at signals because the immediate roads are so bad that people find it difficult to get from 0 – cruising speed soon – causing a lag all the way to the last guys who get stuck at the traffic again.

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