I am very desperate to write a blog. I can’t find a good topic to write on, but I just want to write something, any crap , but something. So this blog is more out of desperation to write , and not about something that has occupied my mind from sometime, because that is the time when I usually write.

Speaking of desperation, people are getting desperate day by day. In this country, people are just trying to run and reach their destinations without even thinking with their brains whether their desperation to reach there will create problems for others. Now, I am not writing about ‘ life ‘ and I am not being philosophical here.In the literary sense, I am talking about people on roads. ( Now read the line in bold again) .Anyways, I am talking about Pune traffic here. Most of the traffic jams , actually all of them are created because no one wants to wait. If there is a junction with no signal , and vehicles coming from all 4 sides, then there has to be a traffic at peak times. And the worst thing is , when there is a traffic jam, show that their getting very very late and act as if out of all the people stuck in the traffic jam, they are the ones who need to get out first. And in that pretext , they stick their vehicles more and more into the heart of the traffic jam .

Now, whenever there is a traffic jam, if there are 4 roads at a junction, 3 sides have to wait, and let the 4th one to go or allow the vehicles of that road to clear away . But , in Pune , all hell breaks loose and everyone just tries to move their vehicles nearer to the center of the traffic and occupy any space that is available. They dont even listen to some volunteers , or individuals who take matter in their own hands and try to release the jam. I had 2 experiences today of a traffic jam. And one more I had at Prabhat Road 1 month back in which I was stuck for 20 minutes, on bike. I dont know what would have happened if I was in car !

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  1. Seriously yaar…people really need to realize that by breaking signals they’re not only endangering their own lives…but others’ too.I hate to think what would happen if I broke a signal and ran into someone who had right of way because HE wasn’t breaking the red light,and killed him…!!!Wake up POONA!!!

  2. Arre yaar …Don’t fret … I have invented some laws of traffic (to be known hence forth as Saurabh’s Laws on Traffic).These laws come under the Creative Common Rights, so you can reproduce them in your next post by adding a link to my blog (for credit sakes)Ok, so here goes …Saurabh’s Law of Traffic I:Whenever there is a traffic intersection containing greater than but not lesser than four crossings, the drivers who have raised their hands and asked for permission to cross the road shall be given preference first.Incase of tie, the drivers who honk the loudest and curse the filthiest shall be given preference over the others.However, your decision (as you have raised this topic on your post) will be final and binding and not open to any debate whatsoever.Saurabh’s Law of Traffic II:People with desperation and no brains shall not be allowed to speed over 25kmph.Doing so will result in a fine of Rs. 25,000,000 AND / OR imprisonment upto the period of 24 years or their death – whichever is later.=====There you go.You can thank me later 😉

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