Consider Keejiye….

What are they playing at ?? We pay 50 grand every year for a decent professional education, and this is what we get ! 3 Teachers every sem. which are just passed out from BE and are currently pursuing thier ME ( lets call them NEWBIES ) . They think , that they can brush up their act of teaching by experimenting their teaching skills on us, like as if we are some guinea pigs. And then these teachers leave us after 6 months ( actually better for us ) and some new ones come in our life.
Well, you must have guessed why I am blogging about this now.. coz my submissions week have started. And we are actually slogging hard coz we have to show these Newbies our assignments which we havent completed coz they couldnt teach us properly in the first place. All our senior teachers have done their job well and completed the portion on time. But these Newbies …..
Anyways, because of these things, the teacher – student relationship has changed. There is no respect left for these teachers. I mean that traditional Gurukul respect is lost . Atleast it was there till we were in school , where we used to respect them for stuff that they gave us in our life. But now, its all a business. We pay them some money , and they are supposed to teach us coz we are paying them . And why shouldnt we think in this manner. Our parents have worked hard and are paying for our education , so shouldnt we get the benefits . I also agree that all of us are not that considerate towards our parents money ! Else we wouldnt be bunking lecs. !
But atleast the college should provide the best from their side. Sometimes i think, if they would have provided overall a decent engg. education right from FE, maybe our levels would have improved a bit more than it is now …

Anyways, no use crying over spilt milk. Just one more term to go … I have already stopped having discussion about our Syllabus and Education system of India as a whole… And now i should just stop complaining about my college and get back to work , coz tom. i have to stand in line in front of these Newbies, act sincere, and get my file checked !

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