Wet, Wet , Wet

I just had to blog today . Even when I am feeling very tired and want to continue reading Fountainhead ( A very gud book !!! ) , I just had to blog. Today was one of those days when everything goes wrong with you, you are extremely tired ( actually dead) and you cant blame anyone for it. You just have to endure the stress without gaining anything .

But yes, one thing that is accountable for today’s event is Rains . But again, you cant blame ” Rain ” as it is not a person, its just nature !

Well, it rained heavily today ! I went to the University from my college – which is 10 kms away from my college – on my bike. Got totally drenched by the time I reached there. Then , I had to sit and wait for my Guide outside his cabin which was partly Air Conditioned . Well, you can just imagine – wet clothes, AC environment…. !! Anyways, we waited and waited for our Guide, and he himself didnt turn up , as he was stuck somewhere , thanx to the rains !

Next , I had to go back to my home, which is 15 kms away from University . It was already evening, and it was still raining. There were no signs of the rain stopping. So I left Univ. , and to avoid traffic jam , took a detour to a route which was a bit long , but void of traffic . After 3 kms, I found a lake in front of me on the road which was not there when I had used the same route last week. I had to go back all the way to continue my journey through the heavy traffic.

Anyways, in the end , I reached home , after spending 1 hr of my day on the return trip back home . And still, no work done the whole day ! But, all this is fine, I dont mind travelling 15 , 20, 25 kms, on my 2 wheeler, i dont mind if its raining and i dont have any jacket with me. But what was really really frustating were the roads !! You just have to see the conditions of the roads. I dint find a decent half km stretch where the road was smooth. I couldnt concentrate on the heavy traffic , my eyes were only on the roads. I remember breaking many signals too, just coz my mind was busy playing the game of avoiding potholes on roads. And I scored pretty gud in that . Simply the thought of it right now gives me the jitters. I dont want to go out. I dont mind sitting at home doing nothing . But , plz , plz dont make me go out there again for next 1 week 🙁

Who can you blame for these roads. Is it the rain again ? Or the Municipal Corporation ? Well, in these four months of rainy season, nothing happened to the University Roads., which are handled by the University , not by Municipal Corp. Same is the case with Army establishments in city . Then why cant MC make such kind of roads for public ? Why do these highly qualified M.Tech Civil Engineers give NOC to contractors after they complete the road-work ? Do these people think that they can fool the public ( actually they are doing it )

Well, that was what I was thinking while riding my bike. But now, I am in my room, safe and sound, hoping for a better weekend. As I have stopped playing games on my computer, I am just thinking of ways to pass out time at home. Maybe I will read the novel, or rent some DVDs or complete my pending work ( which is the last thing i will do ). But come what may , I dont want to go out and try one more hand on the game of Avoiding Potholes !

I want to include a short stanza which appeared in yesterday’s newspaper ( Times of India , Pune ) written by Phillip Davidon , MD, Atlas Copco (india) Ltd.

I remember well, when as a boy,
I watched as Armstrong walk with joy,
Upon the Moon in cratered dust,
I remember saying ‘ One day I must,
Walk in Armstrong’s footprints clear ‘ ,
A dream i’ve kept, a dream so dear,
And yet the Moon’s so far away,
I know there will not come the day ,
When I can walk the Armstrong walk,
When I can talk the Armstrong talk,
But let me dream a little more,
Let me Enjoy this foreign shore,
And all its craters, dust and ridge,
And walk the moon on Harris Bridge !

( Note : Harris Bridge is one of the worst affected path in Pune ! )

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  1. arey …im so tired of the roads ..and also bitching abt them …..also !!I think we should all just stop paying taxes ….grr….!! I mean there is not a day …where i come to college with clean feet …muck all over …Im thinking of switching to apna PMT 🙂

  2. well, PMT is a gud idea, for the time being ! anyways, you cant stop paying taxes. The reason the PMC is not doing anything is probably coz they dont have any funds left in their accounts., and they dont know how to recover from this situation. Imagine re-building the whole city’s roads

  3. PMT is NOT a good idea …I can give you a 100 bucks if you can just get into one mid way …PMC is spending 200 crores apparently to try and fix the roads …

  4. Ya man these roads really suck. They will single handedly rip my ass apart…….Also i heard a rumour that Pune city is contender for the worst roads Guinnes Record…..will confirm this.

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