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What a week !! Took a small break from my Project , completed some college work , and did the thing we Engineering Students in Pune always do – finish write-ups. The only gud thing about that is that i get to listen to all the songs that i have on my PC . Just start the music and keep on writing for hours and hours !

Anyways, after a long long long time , I experienced a routine which I used to have everyday until I came in BE Computer . My mind was very pre-occupied from past 2 weeks. But today , I spent time watching TV, saw some news, some Hoollywood news, then saw the finale of my fav. series, The apprentice , then Lost ( amazing new series ) and now i am sitting online just doing plain – old – TP surfing…… BTW, I wrote a review on Mouthshut, and am getting a gud response for that . So I think I am quite liking this new experience of blogging and expressing ur views online . And probably thats what prompted me to write this blog . It is therapeutic !!

well, though life was back to normal for me , it wasnt for everyone ! i mean Britney had child ( congrats to her ) and Renee broke up with her hubby !! ok, i dont get one thing.. why do these celebrity couples break their relationship in months.. actually , many break up in days . I heard someone finished their marriage within 1 day !!! These ppl. even have a live-in relationship before they tie the knot, and still they end up breaking within months. Then why experience the live-in together ! Though i am not a pro in these matters , but I believe that couples in India who have arranged marriages understand the concept of marriage better than they do . Or maybe they have a different concept and idea of a marriage, but what i mean is , they do fall in love , do stay together for sometime and then they marry. But then what changes after their marriage ?? Did they forget to talk over some matters before the knot ?? And then they have this pre-nuptial agreement , and stuff like that , which i dont even want to talk about !!

So , i have mistakenly delved into this matured talk , so plz spare me if my thots clash with someone’s . Next time , I will try to talk about something of my age, something less matured …anyways , I am just 21 !!!

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  1. As for your marriage discussion thingy … Before you really get married, couples are really courting relation … trying to be on the good side of each other ..Hence, you’d probably only see the sunny side of your partner …Once you get married, the ugly side starts showing … eventually …How people cope up with that stuff is upto them I guess … and in US and quite a few European countries, splitting is quite the norm …50% of the marriages end in divorce …People just like to chop and change … lol …Anyways, as for me, I am totally against all this arranged marriage crap …

  2. Arey rishi ….my thots exactly ..especially after I saw Salaam Namaste … 🙂 Ok…in India …may be the term”living -in” doesn’t get used as much as in the US …but similar things do happen ….And talking of arranged marriages ..u’ll be shocked …what guys nowadays do is…they have those preliminary meetings …with the girl, her parents , and once the coast is clear … Take the girl for a ride ….and then ditch her …In this case , the girls parents and relatives also are aware of the relation …but are quiet ..dreading the fact ..that the marriage might be broken..if they protested ….It’s however sad…that it’s mostly the women who get to suffer the most !And wat saurabh wrote is funny …Once you get married ..the ugly side starts showing…hahaa

  3. hey mirage… thanx for reading my blog.. but plz , would u mind removing those last 2 lines. U know.. blogs r read by ur co-workers, friends, employees and boss. So i dont want to get into any trouble coz of ur post. Post whatever u want on the forum, but i dont like the idea of posting anything offensive here

  4. ps : managed to go back and ‘cut-paste’ the non offensive stuff…!!!———————————Hey…!! RRRIIISSSHHHAAYYYY is writing sense…!But ya….i think arranged marriages are CRAP…!! How can u live ur life with someone who u dont know…what if he’s crazy…or a dopey..!!!! These are the ugly things that u get to know later….. he he..!!Come on…u have to know each other for 4-5 years atleast…and properly…!!!People have LIVE INS to know if they can live together…because seeing someone and living with them are two totally opposite sides of a coin! Its helps u decide…so splitting is a chance…! thats just the way it works…!!!

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