Just wanted to try it


just wanted to try it as my friend recommended it to me. though i dont understand the concept of blogging , i still wanted to give it a try . i dont know if i am going to blog everyday, may be i will just do it when i get time.

i was playing Counter-strike : CZ just before this . i had already played Normal mode in it, and was now playing the Hard mode. now i realized why its called hard. Damn, its hard. I mean, in normal mode, i completed each map within 10-15 mins, max, be it tour 1,2,3,4,5,6. but now , in Hard mode , its taking me almost 5-6 hrs to complete one map.

I have got so many asignments to do, so much programming to complete , ( and that CO subject is geeting on my nerves) and still i played , coz i thot by playing my mind may become a bit relaxed; and it did , in teh beginning, but then after 2 hrs of continous game-play, i lost it. i feel miserable right now . and out there , i know some of my f****** friends must be completing their work on time, which adds to the frustation.

anyways, i dont want to write anymore, i would rather now waste my time on programming then bloggging here . i will now try to resist myself from CZ and concentrate more on studies. ( specially TCS, didnt understand a word what my prof. was saying today in lec. )

will come back, if i get time and response from this , or else whenever i feeel frustated.

P.S. hey, can i abuse on this blog ??

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  1. Risssshhhhayayyyyy!!!!STupid maintain ur blog na!!!!!!and its UR blog..!!! Here also u asking SAURABH if u can abuse..!!!Kya reBABA..!!!Ur blogs name should be ‘Saurabh Says’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kiddin…!!! How i love to take thy case!!!!!!!!!!!

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