Wet, Wet , Wet

I just had to blog today . Even when I am feeling very tired and want to continue reading Fountainhead ( A very gud book !!! ) , I just had to blog. Today was one of those days when everything goes wrong with you, you are extremely tired ( actually dead) and you cant blame anyone for it. You just have to endure the stress without gaining anything .

But yes, one thing that is accountable for today’s event is Rains . But again, you cant blame ” Rain ” as it is not a person, its just nature !

Well, it rained heavily today ! I went to the University from my college – which is 10 kms away from my college – on my bike. Got totally drenched by the time I reached there. Then , I had to sit and wait for my Guide outside his cabin which was partly Air Conditioned . Well, you can just imagine – wet clothes, AC environment…. !! Anyways, we waited and waited for our Guide, and he himself didnt turn up , as he was stuck somewhere , thanx to the rains !

Next , I had to go back to my home, which is 15 kms away from University . It was already evening, and it was still raining. There were no signs of the rain stopping. So I left Univ. , and to avoid traffic jam , took a detour to a route which was a bit long , but void of traffic . After 3 kms, I found a lake in front of me on the road which was not there when I had used the same route last week. I had to go back all the way to continue my journey through the heavy traffic.

Anyways, in the end , I reached home , after spending 1 hr of my day on the return trip back home . And still, no work done the whole day ! But, all this is fine, I dont mind travelling 15 , 20, 25 kms, on my 2 wheeler, i dont mind if its raining and i dont have any jacket with me. But what was really really frustating were the roads !! You just have to see the conditions of the roads. I dint find a decent half km stretch where the road was smooth. I couldnt concentrate on the heavy traffic , my eyes were only on the roads. I remember breaking many signals too, just coz my mind was busy playing the game of avoiding potholes on roads. And I scored pretty gud in that . Simply the thought of it right now gives me the jitters. I dont want to go out. I dont mind sitting at home doing nothing . But , plz , plz dont make me go out there again for next 1 week 🙁

Who can you blame for these roads. Is it the rain again ? Or the Municipal Corporation ? Well, in these four months of rainy season, nothing happened to the University Roads., which are handled by the University , not by Municipal Corp. Same is the case with Army establishments in city . Then why cant MC make such kind of roads for public ? Why do these highly qualified M.Tech Civil Engineers give NOC to contractors after they complete the road-work ? Do these people think that they can fool the public ( actually they are doing it )

Well, that was what I was thinking while riding my bike. But now, I am in my room, safe and sound, hoping for a better weekend. As I have stopped playing games on my computer, I am just thinking of ways to pass out time at home. Maybe I will read the novel, or rent some DVDs or complete my pending work ( which is the last thing i will do ). But come what may , I dont want to go out and try one more hand on the game of Avoiding Potholes !

I want to include a short stanza which appeared in yesterday’s newspaper ( Times of India , Pune ) written by Phillip Davidon , MD, Atlas Copco (india) Ltd.

I remember well, when as a boy,
I watched as Armstrong walk with joy,
Upon the Moon in cratered dust,
I remember saying ‘ One day I must,
Walk in Armstrong’s footprints clear ‘ ,
A dream i’ve kept, a dream so dear,
And yet the Moon’s so far away,
I know there will not come the day ,
When I can walk the Armstrong walk,
When I can talk the Armstrong talk,
But let me dream a little more,
Let me Enjoy this foreign shore,
And all its craters, dust and ridge,
And walk the moon on Harris Bridge !

( Note : Harris Bridge is one of the worst affected path in Pune ! )


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