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    Uber awesomeness!

    I am using Uber for this whole week and not using my personal car at all. I want to see the benefits of using Uber vs. driving your own car. It has been fairly established that  Uber is more cost effective than  buying a new car. But this blog is intended for those who already own a car and are driving it just because they own the car. I will do a cost comparison for that later. But I wanted to first highlight advantages of using UberX. Note: These observations are from India and some of these might not work elsewhere. Also, these views are based on current rates of Uber. Not…

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    Connect Mobile Phone headphones to mac mini for using microphone

    Mac mini has only two ports – one for headphones and other for Line In. If we connect the generic headphone to Line In port, Mac does not detect it as a headphone. Hence lot of people have suggested online to use a battery powered headphone or a usb mic or a connection from preamp to use a mic. Another alternative is to use the headphones that come with your mobile phone handset. You use these headphones to listen songs and also to answer voice calls. Connect this headphone to the headphone port of Mac mini and your headphone and microphone, both will work on mac.

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    Predictions for hardware devices for 2016-2017

    When I wanted to buy my first laptop in 2010, two screen sizes were popular during that time – 11″ and 14″. I really wanted to buy a Dell 13″ Vostro laptop as it was the perfect size for portability and office use though I felt it was bit small for software development. But 13″ laptops were very very expensive in 2010 and I bought  a 15.6″ for more screen space than 14″. But today, 13.3″ laptops have become mainstream, thanks to Apple Macbook Air, and lot of companies are launching laptops with 13.3″ size. When I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in December 2012, almost everyone went aghast…

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    How Internet teaches us to be more responsible

     Man has always wanted to be part of group since the beginning of time. That is how civilizations grew. But to be part of a group you have to adhere to some rules and regulations. Only then you could be admitted in the group. The group could be a society, town, village, city or country. But if you had to be part of the group you need to adhere to the rules, whether you like it or not. Man also has responsibility not to do wrong actions towards others. There are different type of people in the world and some people want to help others and some people want to…

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    Vaishnava Jana To

    This bhajan by Narsinh Mehta was the favourite bhajan by Mahatma Gandhi. It is in Gujarati and describes the qualities of an ideal Vaishnava (Vishnu bhakta). The translation of the bhajan in Hindi and English is given very well at this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaishnava_Jana_To#Lyrics The Original Hymn Vaishnav Jan to taynay kahyeeye,Jay peerh paraayee janney rayPar dukkhey upkar karey,Toyey man abhiman na anney ray.Sakal lokma sahuney vandey,Ninda na karey kainee rayVaach kaach, man nischal raakhey,Dhan-dhan jananee tainee ray.Samdristhi nay trishna tyagee,Par-stree jaynay mat rayJivaah thaki asatya na bolay,Par-dhan nav jhaley haath ray.Moh maya vyaapey nahin jeyney,Drud vairagya jeyna manma rayRam-naam-shoon taalee laagee,Sakal teerth teyna tanma ray.Vanalobhee ney kapatrahith chey,Kaam, krodh nivarya…

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    Review of Book – Talks on The Gita by Acharya Vinoba Bhave

    Link for the book (HTML online): http://www.mkgandhi.org/talksongita/talk_gita.htmE-Book (PDF): http://www.mkgandhi.org/ebks/talks_on_the_gita.pdf ‘Talks on The Gita’ or ‘Gita Pravachane’ are a series of talks delivered by Acharya Vinoba Bhave in 1932 in Dhule jail where Vinoba had been incarcerated by the British for his participation in the freedom movement. In the note from the publisher of this book: Vinoba agreed to give a talk every Sunday and delivered 18 talks on the 18 Chapters. P.S. Sane alias Sane Guruji, a great writer and freedom-fighter, wrote them down in long hand. There was no question of their being taped and their publication was also not thought of. In fact, Vinoba had given talks on the Gita many…

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    Booking Indian Railway Tickets For Senior Citizens – Concession and Quota

    Concession means that you get a discount in your ticket price. Quota means some seats are allotted for a particular group – like few for ladies, few for defence, few for senior citizens and rest for general public.  Indian Railways provides some benefits to senior citizens which are mentioned in this document here Two of the most important things are –  1. Concession in Ticket price: 40% for men and 50% for women. Please refer (i) in above document.  How to get this concession:  Getting concession is fairly simple when booking tickets online for senior citizens through www.irtctc.co.in. You need to simply select the checkbox for senior citizen and carry…

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    The search for answers.

    Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature – Michael Faraday Science is all around us. But very few notice it and wonder the source of nature. Great scientists knew something is out there but they couldn’t pin point the source. Their work and study was driven by the urge for finding answers. Why does this happen? What makes it move? Where does it come from? But science evolved after 16th century rapidly when scientists starting having tools at their disposal for their research. They could experiment and find answers to their questions. Before that time, in 8th century and in fact…

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    The Truth About Engineering

    Young kids studying engineering like to blame engineering college or university for numerous things – – lack of infrastructure– syllabus is too old– teachers and guides do not know anything– I am better off doing something on my own than attending classes. That is what Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did. But engineering teaches you one main thing – how you approach solving a problem. Your approach to solving a problem helps you regardless of how old the technology is. Great engineers solve problem by understanding the concept and the root of the problem. They understand all the tools and resources  they have with them to solve that problem. They…

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    The Problem Of Too Many Managers!

    Problem 1: The problem in India is that everyone wants to be a manager. We have 10 managers  to manage a team of 4 technical people. Even technical people who love what they do are forced to think that they “will” have to do MBA and become manager. I am stressing ‘will’ because they don’t look at it as a choice but are compelled to do MBA. People believe that by doing MBA they will have a better career growth (read more salary). But after doing MBA and becoming a manager, they will manage the same group of people having the same technical skills that was present in them before.…