Change the world or Create for yourself

Artists, painters, writers write for themselves. J K Rowling wrote Harry Potter for herself because she wanted to write. Her primary motivation wasn’t to change the world or help others. It was to help herself. That is how most of creativity comes. When you do things for yourself. If an artist starts thinking how the painting will look to the world, he won’t be able to make a good painting. He has to paint for himself, like Vincent Van Gogh did. That is the primary motivation.


But too often when we start a company or business or startup or a new project, we come up with a vision & mission statement which usually ends up with – We are here to change the world. But often that’s not the primary motivation. The primary motivation might be that you needed a better social network and hence made Facebook, someone needed a better way to get books and founded Amazon, someone needed a better way to book vacations and founded AirBnb. We often start a project as a solution to a problem that we are facing personally.


In Valmiki Ramayan, Lord Rama killed Ravana because Ravana had kidnapped Sita and Rama had to rescue her. Pandavas fought with Kouravas in Mahabharata to fight for their land Indraprastha. The net effect of these actions is that a new world is established and the world becomes a better place to live. But the net effect is not the primary cause or motivation of the action.


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