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    Glitch on Friday, the 13th

    Friday, 13th February 2009: There were 2 major updates on a web app that was long overdue. On 11th Feb Wednesday, we decided to release on Friday, not realizing the clashing of the Day and Date.

    I am a little superstitious but never took Friday the 13th seriously. Partly because I have always assumed that superstitions arising from a particular religion affect only people following that religion. Stories of Knight’s Templar and other beliefs stemmed my ignorance.

    Anyways, in the middle of the release, I realized that its Friday, the 13th. With a little apprehension, I continued with the release. Everything went as planned and I was about to declare the release successful, when one minor glitch cropped up which got fixed after 2 of my colleagues spent 3 hours on it.

    Hence, similar to the stock market being a skeptic of a Black Friday, I too have become sceptic about making a major release on that day (I think we can risk doing small patches and updates).