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    Uber awesomeness!

    I am using Uber for this whole week and not using my personal car at all. I want to see the benefits of using Uber vs. driving your own car. It has been fairly established that  Uber is more cost effective than  buying a new car. But this blog is intended for those who already own a car and are driving it just because they own the car. I will do a cost comparison for that later. But I wanted to first highlight advantages of using UberX. Note: These observations are from India and some of these might not work elsewhere. Also, these views are based on current rates of Uber. Not…

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    Connect Mobile Phone headphones to mac mini for using microphone

    Mac mini has only two ports – one for headphones and other for Line In. If we connect the generic headphone to Line In port, Mac does not detect it as a headphone. Hence lot of people have suggested online to use a battery powered headphone or a usb mic or a connection from preamp to use a mic. Another alternative is to use the headphones that come with your mobile phone handset. You use these headphones to listen songs and also to answer voice calls. Connect this headphone to the headphone port of Mac mini and your headphone and microphone, both will work on mac.

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    Predictions for hardware devices for 2016-2017

    When I wanted to buy my first laptop in 2010, two screen sizes were popular during that time – 11″ and 14″. I really wanted to buy a Dell 13″ Vostro laptop as it was the perfect size for portability and office use though I felt it was bit small for software development. But 13″ laptops were very very expensive in 2010 and I bought  a 15.6″ for more screen space than 14″. But today, 13.3″ laptops have become mainstream, thanks to Apple Macbook Air, and lot of companies are launching laptops with 13.3″ size. When I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in December 2012, almost everyone went aghast…

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    How Internet teaches us to be more responsible

     Man has always wanted to be part of group since the beginning of time. That is how civilizations grew. But to be part of a group you have to adhere to some rules and regulations. Only then you could be admitted in the group. The group could be a society, town, village, city or country. But if you had to be part of the group you need to adhere to the rules, whether you like it or not. Man also has responsibility not to do wrong actions towards others. There are different type of people in the world and some people want to help others and some people want to…

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    Why did I stick to blogger

    I mentioned in my previous post that I am using the same blog even though I am blogging after a long time. I meant that I chose Blogger over Tumblr, Facebook, WordPress to blog. Or I daresay microblog. My first blog (this one) has been on Blogger since August 2004 (wow, thats old!). After that I have had many blogs on WordPress devoted to one topic each like Entrepreneurship, Databases etc. Then I also use WordPress extensively to build my websites. Apart from this, I have played around with Facebook Notes, Posterous and more recently Tumblr too. So, when I thought of restarting blogging, my first impression was not to…

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    Open Office makes me think and Office 2007 doesn’t

    In my office, I have all Open Source Software on my machine (Thunderbird, Open Office), except the Operating System which is Windows XP Professional. But I guess in time even that will change, thanks to user-friendly Ubuntu. Till now, no problem with these OSS, until I used Open Office Impress to make a presentation. Even with the “Wizard” interface of Open Office Impress, it took me literally 2 minutes to figure out where to start. I didn’t get the toolbars and buttons on the screen I wanted to start off my presentation. I went to the ToolBar menu to customize it, but that again took 2 minutes to figure out…

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    Don’t Be Evil ??

    Just noticed this message while logged into my Orkut account using Firefox Browser. I knew this will happen sometime, when Google will try to push Chrome through its Web Products and Services. In due time, I might see this message on my Google Reader, then Blogger (and all blogspot.com), and finally on Google Search Page itself. Anyways, I am not judging. They are a Company and what they are doing might not be wrong. Even I might do this with my range of products. But since Google believes in Don’t Be Evil, I thought otherwise…. Btw, I did try Orkut on Chrome then. And then got this message…

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    Mobile Phone Etiquettes

    Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. I am sure everyone who is reading my blog has a cell phone with him. Following are some rules/commandments of using a cell phone : 1) Every call on your cell is important. Be it from your wife,children,parents, colleague, boss, shop-keeper, gym instructor, driver, plumber, pimp, pet, etc. This is the primary rule based on which other rules are formed.2) You should never put your cell phone on silent mode, specially when you are requested at places like meetings, cinemas, temples, mosques, churches, etc.3) Always, and always, pick up a call when you are driving. It should not matter that…

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    Activeciti Beta Released

    After 4 months of hard work, I am happy to announce that Activeciti Beta version has been released. For those of you who don’t know, ActiveCiti is a web application specializing in planning and organising of events.It simplifies the life of people by taking care of their mundane and laborious tasks, which are mandatory to successfully organizing the event. So, you can use Activeciti to plan a get-together at a coffee shop / movie, or you can use it to arrange a party at your place. It also allows people to create public events that are happening around the world. It also sports very easy-to-use RSVP. There are tonnes of…