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Apple TV and tvOS 13 Review

Apple TV has been a great addition to my bedroom. The tvOS 13 is really easy to use and provides some fantastic features to your TV viewing experience. Apple TV is a small box or like a mini-mini-mac that you connect to your TV through HDMI cable. It is a small box that fits in nicely in compact spaces too. The back portion of the box has space for power connection, HDMI connection to your TV and a network cable port but I think it is not used much due to Wifi easily available. Apple TV comes with Wifi and Bluetooth to connect to other devices.


It comes with a slim remote that is minimalistic in nature and very convenient to use. The remote has huge space for a tracking pad which allows you to swipe apps right-left-up-down.  Down below is a vertical volume button that increases or decreases the volume of your TV. It also has a dedicated button for Siri voice typing. This comes in handy many times when typing becomes inconvenient. If you want to take a break in between watching your favourite movie, there is a dedicated button for pause and play. The Menu button takes you to the previous screen of the app that you are using. There is a button next to the Menu button – long pressing this button gives the option to put the box to sleep; double-clicking this button shows all the apps that are running in the background. You can either swipe up the app to close the app or you can select the app to run. The remote is charged with a USB lightning cable provided in the box and once charged, the remote battery lasts for more than 2 months.

App Store

Apple TV has an app store from where you download apps. Major apps that I use are Netflix, Youtube, Prime. There are also other apps installed like Spotify for listening to music and games like Alto’s Odyssey, Real Racing, 2048. I have also installed Udemy through which I watch courses. There are health apps for doing exercise and yoga at home. I am using the Yoga Studio app for doing half an hour of yoga from their collection. There are a lot of social media apps too like Facebook Watch, Twitch. There are educational apps like NASA, TED, food recipe apps, news channel apps and many much more apps made especially for tvOS.

Apple Apps

iTunes movies have a great collection of movies available for buying and renting. Any movie on iTunes is available at a rent of Rs. 150 which is a good option if you have missed it in theatres. You can, of course, buy them from Rs. 100 to Rs. 700. Apple TV comes with Apple apps for Music & Photos. You can use these apps by connecting your iCloud account to the box and then see your photos and listen to your Apple music. It also has a Podcast app to listen to your favourite podcasts on TV

I have a Mac mini and iPhone, so sometimes I connect the mac mini to Apple TV through Airplay and watch Quicktime videos on Apple TV.  I also screen mirror from my iPhone to TV. If you install the TV app on iPhone, you can type on Apple TV through your iPhone. Overall it has become an indispensable part of my TV.


Apple TV is available on Amazon and comes with 2 versions – 32 GB and 64 GB. Most of the times we stream music and videos so 32 GB version is more than enough. If you are not going to download movies through iTunes and not going to play many games, I suggest going for 32 GB version.


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Nokia 8.1 mobile phone – 4 months usage review

I was searching now for an Android phone that had stock Android with it.  There are not many phones in the market though. Your best bet is to either buy Google Pixel or else select one of the Android One ranges that Google launched in 2014. Phones that are launched as Android One get minimum updates to Android OS  for 2 years. So if the phone is launched with Android Marshmallow, it will get Android Pie and Android X. Few manufacturers have launched phones under Android One but Nokia by HMD Mobile and Motorola have launched many phones under Android One as part of their strategy.

Nokia 8.1 was launched in December 2018 with Android Pie 9.0, and when you start the mobile, it upgrades to Android 10 immediately. The full specs of the phone can be found at GSMArena

But the major highlights of its specs are:

  • Qualcomm SDM710 Snapdragon 710
  • Adreno 616 GPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64GB Storage
  • 3500 mAh battery
  • Android Pie 9
  • Zeiss Optics Dual Camera – 13 MP, 12 MP,  f/1.8, 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS

I bought this phone from Amazon just around Diwali (October 2019). I chose this phone as it was available for Rs 15000/- and had lot of advantages over it’s peers at that price point-

  1. Stock Android 10  without any bloatware.
  2. Powerful Snapdragon 710 CPU
  3. 3.5 mm headphone jack
  4. FM Radio (though I don’t use it much)
  5. USB – C Connector with fast charging (18 W)
  6. Awesome good quality headphones

Unboxing – So I have been using it for 4 months now and am very happy overall with the phone.  The box comes with a USB C Charger 18 W and headphones. In today’s times, many companies are either not giving headphones or are bundling headphones of low quality with the box. But Nokia 8.1 comes with really good quality black headphones that look good and sound even better. The charger is also black and has a solid build feel to it.

(Photo taken by Nokia 8.1 camera)


The first time you start the phone it updates to Android 10. After the usual Android startup screens, you see the main screen and realize that how few apps are bundled by Android. The phone had very few apps bundled with it. It didn’t have many Google apps too. Out of the 64 GB Storage, the system takes 15 GB leaving you with 48-49 GB free space. The phone has a glass back leaving lot of fingerprints. I liked the Iron color which is kind of maroon and not found with other phone models.


The finger print is on the back of the phone below the camera which is bit inconvenient for multi-tasking and frequent usage. I prefer to have the fingerprint in the front. The phone detects the finger prints immediately without any lag. The camera is really good and clicks awesome photos in daylight. I haven’t click many photos in the dark but it does a decent job in low light settings too. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is at the top of the phone and USB C charging and speaker below. Speakers are loud and clear and also reflect the strong quality of the phone.  Dual sim can be inserted from the left and volume and power buttons on the right. But I found the phone thickness a bit larger for my taste and that could be because of the dual/triple/quad cameras available nowadays with phones. The phone weighs only 181 gm which is light enough for the pocket.


Even with a Snapdragon 710, I found that the phone hangs sometimes. Webpages in Chrome have found to be hanging atleast once a week. I currently have around 100+ apps installed and the phone does a decent job in keeping apps in the background. The drawer is a simple one and easily accessible from swiping up the menu. I never had to close the apps running in the background for performance improvement. I watch lot of Youtube videos and the phone easily lasts more than a day with 7 hours of screen time. Screen time is now easily available with Digital Well being introduced in Settings in Android 10. I didn’t find any heating issues with the phone but again, I don’t talk much on call so haven’t validated that with calling.

Stock Android: 

My first requirement was to have a stock android phone and I chose Nokia 8.1  for the same, so let me mention some benefits I found after using stock android for 4 months. Google’s stock phone call app has a spam feature built in that detects spam based on the Google listings for businesses. So you can easily use the phone without installing Trucaller app for spam protection. The digital well being is an added statistics that help you to monitor your screen time. There are dynamic wallpapers that change every day, just like it changes in Google Chromecast. It also has a good option to take screenshot by pressing the power button for 2 secs. I use this feature often for my work and social media. Google Photos is the default app for viewing your gallery and it syncs your photos to the cloud. It also has  a Files app to view your files on the phone.

The OS now has good features to block notifications and Android now doesn’t give permissions right away to every app. Though notifications are enabled by default for every app, it will ask the user for every other permission like SIM, Call logs,  SMS, Media, location etc. Regular updates to Android 10 are recieved on the phone, something which is not seen in other phones.

I didn’t like the messages app bundled in stock android and prefer to use SMS Organizer by Microsoft.

The 4 GB RAM is good enough but might be less if you prefer to play power hungry games. I see aroun 1.5GB free RAM most of the times on the phone.

Overall I love stock android and the hardware of Nokia 8.1 is aptly configured with the stock android. It is a great phone launched by HMD Nokia and value for money.  The phone is still available at Amazon and I definitely recommend it. It will get the next android OS version update  too when it launches.  You can go ahead and buy the phone from Amazon at:

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Book Review of Being Hindu

Being Hindu is a book written by Hindol Sengupta. The author has put forward his ideas properly with a solid research. He also expresses his personal life honestly which engages the reader from time to time.

On a personal note, I agree to most or all of the views expressed by the author in the book. In fact, I had similar observations that Hindol has mentioned in one of his chapters. Example: I never understood why there would ever be a conflict between Hinduism and Science. I know that the Church did not like Galileo for his views but I don’t think that our temples would ever deny the statements made by the scientist.

I also don’t think Hindu’s  view of creation would ever conflict with the Big bang theory or evolution. In fact the 10 avatars of Vishnu are in line with the evolution of the world (fish, tortoise, boar, lion-human, human).

It could be more than coincidence that earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago and a day of Brahma is 4.32 billion years.

As Hindol mentioned in the book, Hinduism would in fact welcome new scientific discoveries as these will strengthen what was written in Hindu scriptures ages ago.
I have read Vamsee Juluri’s Rearming Hinduism and Being Hindu reminds a lot about that book. Its good to see lot of content by authors young and old on the rich history of Hinduism. Would definitely recommend Being Hindu for a light reading on the topic.
I am have observed that many books published recently look more like a collection of articles or blogs written by the author. This book also reminds me of that. I think that’s how the reader  prefers reading a book these days because we are used to reading short essays or blogs online. I still have nothing to complaint about this format. But I prefer the start and end to be connected and a flow from one chapter to another. My next book is India: A Sacred Geography by Diane L. Eck and I think this book will exceed my expectations.


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Review of Book – Talks on The Gita by Acharya Vinoba Bhave

Link for the book (HTML online):
E-Book (PDF):

‘Talks on The Gita’ or ‘Gita Pravachane’ are a series of talks delivered by Acharya Vinoba Bhave in 1932 in Dhule jail where Vinoba had been incarcerated by the British for his participation in the freedom movement. In the note from the publisher of this book:

Vinoba agreed to give a talk every Sunday and delivered 18 talks on the 18 Chapters. P.S. Sane alias Sane Guruji, a great writer and freedom-fighter, wrote them down in long hand. There was no question of their being taped and their publication was also not thought of. In fact, Vinoba had given talks on the Gita many times in the past, but none of them had been published. However, Sane Guruji preserved the notebooks and the talks were published first in his weekly newspaper, and then in the form of a book in 1940 when Vinoba was in jail even before he could find time to go through them for necessary editing.

It is not an academic treatise on the Gita. These are the talks given before ordinary individuals from different walks of life. It was Vinoba’s firm conviction that the Gita is meant to spiritualize human life; to transform and make it divine. That is exactly what these talks too are meant to bring about. 

As mentioned in the publisher’s note, Talks on the Gita is different from other books or discourses available on Bhagavad Gita. In this book, there is no verse to verse translation, neither there is any explanation of every verse in detail. Hence the lectures or talks given by Vinoba Bhave on Gita are very simple and easy to understand for even those who haven’t read Bhagavad Gita earlier.

Vinoba Bhave played a very important role in Indian Freedom struggle and was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. In these talks in 1932, he inspired the residents of the jail and his fellowmen to fight for the nation and motherland.

His explanation of Karma and Vikarma in 5th chapter, how to obtain focus of mind in 6th chapter, meaning of Bhakti in chapters 7-12 are easy to follow. He explains these concepts by showing us practical day to day life scenarios. He has also tried to convey his points through stories of Hindu Gods and Godesses. For example, Pundalik was serving his parents and Lord Vitthal came to his home to grant him a boon for his devotion to his parents. When Lord Vitthal knocked on Pundalik’s door, Pundalik was busy serving his parents and hence threw a brick at Vitthal to offer him a place to stand. Lord Vitthal was pleased with his devotion and henceforth remained at Pandharpur. This story explained by Vinoba explains the concept of dharma – Pundalik’s dharma  was to serve his parents and hence Lord Vitthal (Vishnu) wasn’t offended.

Vinoba explains that Lord is everywhere around us in nature, animals, human beings. Chapter 7 and 9 of Bhagavad Gita give his manifestations in the world, but the Lord is not limited to those manifestations and his everywhere and in everything. But the best message that I could get from this book was in the second chapter itself when Vinoba Bhave explains the Sankya system in very simple language. He says –

Three cardinal principles have been enunciated in the Second Chapter—

        (i) The atman (the Self) is deathless and indivisible.

        (ii) The body is insignificant and transient.

        (iii) Swadharma must be followed.

Out of these, Swadharma is in the nature of duty to be performed while the other two principles are those that need to be understood.

 He further explains after this what is Swadharma, how to realize the atman and how we cherish the body even though the body is insignificant and full of dirt.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone, specially if you haven’t read Bhagavad Gita till now and are looking for a book that could explain the message of Bhagavad Gita in simple manner.

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The Social Network – A small review

I am watching The Social Network movie again on HBO. I watch this movie again and again and I feel  that the movie does  not portray Mark Zuckerberg as a negative character. I like movies when it is very difficult to judge a character and the movie leaves it to the audience to decide what is right and what is wrong. Moving on, David Fincher has captured the ambitions of young adults very properly. The screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and author Ben Mezrich is the best part of the movie.

A personal observation: While watching the movie, I was thinking about the whole Mark and Eduardo thing. I think that when Mark Zuckerberg started the Facebook with Eduardo Saverin, even he was not sure about the outcome. Both knew the idea was great, but no one knew how successful it will be. Money changes everything, even relationships. And that is what the movie has so beautifully shown on screen. 

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Sarkar Raj : No Power At All

Let me begin by saying that I loved the first movie Sarkar. I have seen it 4 times till now, which is good enough number according to my standards to term it as ” I love this movie ” ( Haven’t I mentioned that yet ?? ) . The other movie from Ram Gopal Verma which I adore is Satya. Brilliant. These 2 movies give RGV a different status altogether in Bollywood.

And thats why I went to see Sarkar Raj with lot of anticipation ( mind you , not expectation ) . I ignored all the mixed reviews from critics and friends. I wanted to go to the theater with a fresh and clean mind.

But within 5 minutes after the start, I started getting the feeling that this movie will be a disappointment after all. The feeling turned into reality within 25 minutes. The less said about the movie, the better. The movie was no where near the charisma of its prequel. Everything in the prequel was close to perfection. But here, in the sequel, you feel that everything was being done in a hurry. By everything I mean the dialogues, screenplay,music, even the acting ! The scenes just came one after the other, without allowing the illogical plot to sink in. The dialogues had no effect whatsoever, which were blurted out by actors just for the sake of saying it. The first movie had a brilliant casting of supporting actors ( the likes of Silvermani , Swami , Vishnu ), which was missing from the second.

The only saving grace in Sarkar Raj was the climax of 15 minutes, which reminded of classic RGV-style movie-making. All in all, a hastily done over-hyped movie. I have observed that this happens a lot to directors who set a level for themselves with their previous work. I sincerely wish he regains that level soon.

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Taare Zameen Par – Bollywood at its best

It is for movies like Taare Zameen Par, that I still have trust in Bollywood. I went to watch this movie, with lots of expectations, and Aamir delivers again, and this time, brilliantly as a director.

First, let me clear this :

  • The movie is not about dyslexia.
  • The movie is not for kids, but for parents ( the lyrics by Prasoon Joshi are evidence of this. I don’t think any kid below 15 will be able to understand most of the songs )
  • The movie is a must-watch for all, or would-be parents ( you might have heard this hundred times, but believe me, its true )

Now, the movie is about a boy ( the main Hero ) who is not good at academics, but has a hidden talent in himself. But, as our Indian educational system doesn’t value anything less than 95% in academics, the teachers, principals, children, parents all think that the boy is good for nothing. Then eventually, Aamir Khan ( our second Hero ) comes along and identifies the hidden talent in the boy and also what is the main reason behind his poor performance in academics. In the process, Aamir Khan gives some award-winning speeches ( for which he wont accept a single award , let me remind you ) , making the audience realize what the whole society has become into and how it is effecting the kids in the process.

So, the movie is fantastic, direction is great, the songs are wonderfully done, dialogues are too good, etc etc etc. I don’t want to ramble on and on about the technicalities of film-making. The movie just speaks for itself. All in all, a properly executed movie worthy of a Filmfare ( the equivalent of an “Oscar” in India !!! ) .

I have heard that majority of the female audience has cried during the movie. And many males too have wiped a tear or two.( yes, there wont be any such thing as ‘the weaker sex’ in our society in near future. Yay !!! ) . Although people might refuse to accept it, but the fact remains that every kid has been a victim of his/her parents wishes.And parents (sitting in the audience ) do realize that they have done it so, sometime in their kids life.This is why everyone in the audience , every single person, does relate to the movie.

The movie is made purely for India, and not for the “international” market ( take that , Karan Johar , Farah Khan, Yash Chopra, etc. It is also entirely shot in India, just like Lagaan and Mangal Pandey were ) It addresses a issue which is prevalent everywhere in India. I doubt many of our global audience will be able to relate to it, as their educational system is different than our’s.
Aamir Khan has not succumbed to the pressure of entertaining our Indian audience throughout the movie, and for that reason, the movie might seem a bit boring in the middle. But that is to make you feel how the kid is feeling, every scene in the movie speaks of the feelings of the boy.

I know, I know, I have not mentioned anything about our main Hero – the boy – till now. Well, Darsheel Safary is fantastic. He makes you laugh, he makes you cry. He reminds you of children’s innocence. He makes you sympathize with him in every shot. The guy has done a marvelous job at all these, overshadowing even Aamir Khan. I hate that Filmfare has an award for ‘Best Child Actor’,because I know that the judges will put him in that category and therefore, will deny him of any nomination in the Best Actor category, which he very well deserves.( Come on, the kid has carried the whole film on his shoulders, what else do you want ?? )

Our second Hero doesn’t give a damn about the Awards, but I hope Darsheel gets an award worthy for his work.Till then, I will try Welcome too, who knows, it might be up to my expectations.

Update : Well, I didn’t watch Welcome. And, Darsheel got a nomination for Best Actor in Filmfare. He did not win it, but at least a nomination amongst other great actors of Bollywood is worthy of a mention. I am now waiting for the DVD of TZP. Hope it is launched soon.

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Best Movie I Saw in 2007

Well, there are many fantastic movies I saw this year. Its difficult to remember, but to name a few – City of Gods, Die Hard 4, No Smoking, The Sound of Music, Indiana Jones Trilogy etc.

But the best one I saw is Pan’s Labyrinth or El Laberinto del Fauno ( 2006 ) . Its the most captivating, spell-binding movie you will get to see, after Lord of the Rings. Actually, it should be put in the leagues of LOTR. Guillermo Del Tero does a top-notch job in story-telling. This is a must-see for all the fantasy lovers. The enchanting background score does justice to the screenplay. The actors have done a wonderful performance, specially Ivana Baquero , who plays the main character – Ofelia , a little girl who believes in fables. Sergi Lopez plays the evil Captain Vidal, whom you fear and hate so much. Not all the effects in the movie are animated or CGI. The director has used puppetry, traditional prosthetics to give a realistic effect to the makeup and costume.

Btw, the movie is in Spanish language and has a running length of 120 minutes.It is rated R for graphical violence. ( Many parents in Mexico took their kids to theaters without knowing this ) .
Its too bad that movies like these are not taken up by any distributor in India. ( As they know the number of the crowd that will turn up ! )

If this is not compelling enough for you to watch it, then read this :

  • It won 3 Oscars for – Best Achievement in Art Direction, Cinematography and Makeup.
  • It was nominated for 3 other Oscars – Best Achievement in Original Score, Original Screenplay and Best Foreign Language Film .
  • It won the BAFTA award for – Best Foreign Language Film , Makeup, and Costume Design
  • It was nominated for the coveted Golden Palm award of Cannes Film Festival. After the show, it received 22 minutes of applause at the Cannes Film Festival !!!

This is the last blog from me this year. And my last recommendation for this year will be to grab a copy of this movie and watch it, in case you haven’t.

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Review of The Kite Runner ( the book , not the movie )

My friends gave me The Kite Runner as a birthday gift ( after checking my ‘to-read’ list on Goodreads 🙂 ) . As this book was shorter than Shantaram, I decided to go with it first.

The book was a refreshing change from the books I have been reading lately – Rich Dad Poor Dad , Cashflow Quadrant. The last book I read which made me forget my daily activities and stick to reading was Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, when it was released. And now, The Kite Runner.

In one word, this book is – touching. Emotional. Not to mention a bit depressing in between.Actually, it is a emotional ride set in the backdrop of Afghanistan and the political events in the region which altered lives of Afghanis who were living in as well as out of Afghanistan. You might have traveled the world in Dan Brown series, but this book takes you to never-seen-before Afghanistan, and you will love the picture painted by the author. Just makes me imagine what Afghanistan must have been back then in 1975.Khaled Hosseini is the first English author from Afghanistan and gives a true picture of the country, right from 1975 to the post-9/11 attacks.The book brings out the true nature of Afghanis , something which I have not seen or read before anywhere.

The book is about two boys in Afghanistan, enjoying their innocent childhood. Amir loves his father and wants to gain his attention.And Hassan, his friend, has always been loyal to him. Then tragedy strikes,and things fall apart. Afghanistan is raided by outsiders and people flee.But the past still haunts them. It always does.The choices we make always come back.There is a way to be good again.

There are many cliches in the book ;- the story and events become predictable ( just like in a Hindi movie ). But that is all accepted for the simplistic writing.Do read this book. Atleast before you watch the film version of it , which I guess is released in US this week. It is directed by Marc Foster – director of Finding Neverland – so eagerly waiting to watch it.

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Pune International Film Festival

The Pune International Film Festival is finally over. I was a delegate ( for a price of 300 bucks) and after watching 15 movies in past 7 days, I think it was worth it. I got to see some very good movies , which otherwise I wouldn’t have got chance to do so . Of course, many movies were really really boring, Actually, boring is not the word.. I think Unbearable will be the appropriate word for those . But the whole experience was very different for me and I think in the end, I enjoyed the festival .

Anyways, I will write a short review ( summary) of each movie I saw on the last day of the festival. They were – The Barbarian Invasion ( Canada) , So far, so close ( Iran) , In the name of God ( Malayalam – India) .

Note : Plot revealed in detail

The Barbarian Invasion ( Canada) :

This was a well made movie, with proper script and gud acting. A ex-professsor in his 60s has cancer and everyone knows he doesn’t have much time . His wife calls his son from London . The son and father don’t communicate much , and it was the mom who had brought up the kids . The son still comes back and with his contacts and money , helps the dad get a decent room in the Hospital ( whose conditions may be worse than that in India) . Not only this, the son calls all old friends of his dad, pays money to his dad’s students to meet him so that the last days of the dying man can pass out happily.

The dismal state of Canadian Hospital is shown properly, where labour unions, lack of staff and rooms create a lot of problems for a patient. Once the professor’s friends unite, they keep on talking about sex, mistresses, civilizations, cultures, etc. which was quite interesting. The director tried to cover all the problems of the world in an ironic way, like that of 9/11, drugs , etc. The cinematography was also good. All in all, a very gud flick, which I think won an Academy Award in 2004 ( that’s what the PIFF catalogue says ) . Try to watch it if possible .

Rating : 8/10

So Far , So close ( Iran) :

This movie was also very good. A fantastic movie from Iran. ( I had seen Or , which was boring, and dint get to watch the much hyped Gilaneh , so cant say much about it ) . The main features of this movie were the amazing desert landscapes and the dialogues. It had a more philosophical touch to it, which perfectly blended with the Iranian deserts.

Anyways, the story is – A famous neurologist keeps neglecting his teenage son. On his son’s birthday , he comes to know that his own son has a brain tumor and is going to die within days. Everyone who knew his son, knew that he is getting nauseas and gets dizzy , except the father !! The father reaches home late ( due to unavoidable circumstances ) and misses his son’s bday party . He got a telescope for his son( his son being a sar-gazer) but when he comes home, his son already left with his team for the deserts for a star – gazing competition ( coz of which the son had requested for a telescope for his bday ) . The doctor decides he will give the gift to his son, even if he has to cross the deserts for that .

And then the father takes out Mercedes for a road trip and meets diff. people in the way, each having a diff. perspective towards life.

Now this is the amazing part – his Mercedes gets stuck in the middle of the desert, and now he is helpless and he has to reach the camp ASAP to meet his dying son. The last half hour was too gud , and ending AWESOME !

Rating : 9/10

In the name of God ( Malayalam – India ) :

Before I start the review, let me put forth some points I observed or realized during the festival

1) Bollywood movies don’t suck. I think they are far better than La pianiste, and real man .

2) Non- Hindi Indian movies have gud stories, but they suck in direction ( except Dombivli Fast ) . Spec. the background music, I think that should be scrapped overall.

Anyways, this movie was not that interesting coz of the usual emotional crap that Indian movies are famous for and screeching background music . But the story was gud, and the movie could have been made better.

The story is as follows – A educated Muslim girl from a South Indian village gets married to a educated , well cultured man . But after marriage , the husband leaves for Aligarh to pursue his higher studies. Some religious group brainwashes him ( coz of the 1991 riots ) and turn him into a Jehadi . The husband comes back and the girl is all shocked to see the changed nature of his husband. The husband plants a bomb in a shop, and the girl puts his husband in the jail for his crime.

Then , all the muslim community heads condemn the girls actions. The girl then writes a book with all teachings of Maulana Azad , Mahatma Gandhi and publishes the book and gives the book to her husband in jail. After reading the book , the husband realizes his mistake and mends his ways. He is freed and what happens in the end, is shocking !!! actually, that was overstatement. The ending was very very stupid !

Well , the movie shows some reality , about how the religious groups turn innocent people into Jehadis,and how all this communal tension is work of the anti-social elements . The girl has done decent acting , showing a strong character of a woman on the screen.

Rating : 6/10