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    Handling Difficult People

    I read this article a few months back in The Sunday Times ( Times of India ) newspaper under Mind Over Matter section. Brilliant article. Actually awesome. It explains why, at times, people become difficult to handle, and how to handle them. Give it a try. If you are facing someone who has become difficult lately, then it will definitely help you. Handling Difficult People If only everyone could understand this, there won’t be any argument at all in this world. More thoughts on this later…

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    Yearn to Learn

    While chatting with a friend about his brother’s future ( who has just given his 12th exams and needs to decide his future course of action ) , I got a chance to reflect back on my past. I will describe in brief my path till now… I did 12th ( HSC ) from the ‘Fergi’ college of Pune in 2002 . Then did Computer Engineering from Pune University ( from not so well known but decent college – MESCOE aka Wadia Engg College ) and got my BE degree in 2006. Till 11th grade, I had a dream of becoming an architect. Due to some consultancy and research, I…

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    Starting now, I will be writing a lot on my favourite topic – Karma.I have been reading quite a bit on it from sometime, and it really is a very interesting topic to understand. People may find it boring or may not understand it , but believe me , if you get it right, it will change your whole perspective, about everything. I am not saying that I am a pro in this matter, or that I have mastered the knowledge of karma, but I have just shown interest in this from past 1 year , and it indeed has changed a lot of my views. I have not read…

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    The Inner Temple – Karunesh

    Hear this song, one of the best composition by Karunesh after Punjab .Get it from somewhere, but please try this song. I am not good at words , so i cant decribe how this song is , but the title of the song itself says everything – The Inner Temple.

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    What am I doing here ??

    Been a long time since my first blog ( August 2004 ! ! ) . My friends have even stopped checking my blog . Well, anyways, then why am i here now , out of nowhere ??? I wanted to try blogging one more time, but couldnt find time and also , i was discouraged seeing the level of blogs that my friends write , and then i feel that – blogging is not my cup of tea . But anyways , right now , i am bored to death , dont have a personal diary or journal with me right now, and i really wanted to write down any…