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    Internet was once a beautiful place

    I was reminiscing on the time I first found the Internet. It was such a joy to find knowledge at your fingertips. You could get so much information online, even before Google launched their search engine. You could connect with people on forums, chat servers. You could publish your own blog and add RSS feed which people could connect to .You had this sense of individual identity in the expansive network of the web. But things changed after Facebook came. One person’s dream to connect the world together.  The world was already connected but Mark wanted to connect them all together on his platform. Hence emerged the idea of Social…

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    My Journey in reading Shrimad Bhagavatam

    I finished reading Shrimad Bhagavatam this year in January. It took me one year to complete it. I finally finished it and it was an awesome experience. The interesting thing is that at the end of the book in Section 12, it is said: A Sattvic reader will finish the book in 30 days A Rajasic reader will finish the book in 7 days A Tamasic reader will finish the book in 1 year I wanted to read this book since 4 years. I was contemplating whether I should read in English or Hindi. I decided to read it in Hindi as I already had Sukh Sagar by Gitapress Gorakhpur.…

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    Why did I switch to Posterous?

    Well, I did choose blogger over tumblr, butI hadnt seen Posterous latel After posting few blogs on blogger, I saw the new and improved Posterous and realized that it does all that I wanted.  I can now post from Posterous and it can autopost the same to Blogger, Facebook Wall, Twitter and LinkedIn. So will be using Posterous for now.  

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    Pune Railway station

    A few weeks back there was almost a stampede on the foot over bridge at Pune railway station. I had gone to the station today evening to pick up my parents from platform no. 3. The situation on the bridge was really shameful. The railways had to pay the salaries of two policemen whose only job was to make sure that people keep moving on the bridge and do not create a traffic jam. My coolie was constantly shouting to keep moving otherwise a traffic jam will occur.  There are two bridges at Pune station. The old one is around 10 feet wide which is used  a lot. The railways…

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    Survival of Art

    If you have read my previous blogs, you would know that my favourite book (and movie) till now is The Lord of The Rings. I read the book recently and loved it (more than the movie itself). The 3-volume novel was launched in 1954 and is still one of the most read books today. What could be the reason behind this ? The answer lies in the fact that the book is truly a great piece of story-telling. It’s a fantasy novel, and there are many more, but the reason this book excels is because people have something to learn from this book. Be it 1960, 1970, or even 2010,…

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    Its That Time Of The Year Again

    Its the month of festivals. Started with Navratri, then Dushera and finally Diwali (I am sure I have missed something). If there is any season when you should forget all your worries, its now. Literally. How else do you plan to enjoy this festive season. It feels great looking at other people enjoying the season with their close ones. And here I am worrying about my ceaselessly growing belly. That too now! There is other time for this – like January (after Christmas of course 😉 ). For now, just eat all the goodies and bask in the fervor. That should be the motto. Yup, and it is. Starting now…

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    Cleaning Up

    Everyone takes out time to clean up some stuff around them. Re-organize things. Like your desk, cupboard, etc. At times, it happens often, or once in a blue moon. But, it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you are able to organize your life and put things around you the way you want it to be. When I was less than 10, I used to clean up ( rather re-organize ) my comics collection once a while.Then after 10, I started cleaning my study table. This used to happen often, with my table littered with books all around and stacks piling up within a week.Then I got to cleaning…

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    Mobile Phone Etiquettes

    Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. I am sure everyone who is reading my blog has a cell phone with him. Following are some rules/commandments of using a cell phone : 1) Every call on your cell is important. Be it from your wife,children,parents, colleague, boss, shop-keeper, gym instructor, driver, plumber, pimp, pet, etc. This is the primary rule based on which other rules are formed.2) You should never put your cell phone on silent mode, specially when you are requested at places like meetings, cinemas, temples, mosques, churches, etc.3) Always, and always, pick up a call when you are driving. It should not matter that…