On Meaning and Swadharma

I finished Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life and I enjoyed reading a good book after a long time. Jordan B. Peterson (JBP) has given 12 rules that you should follow in life that are can help you to avoid chaos in life. The opposite of chaos meaning order. Being a clinical psychologist himself, he has given examples of his practice and also shed light on the rules through examples from Bible and some Egyptian mythology.

I am a particular fan of ancient wisdom because ancient wisdom is many times very simple and clear. They don’t bother with many rules and as JBP said in the introduction, ancient wisdom was based on action (and experience) and not particularly things and world.

Out of the many rules that he wrote in the book, I liked the 7th Rule – Pursue what is meaning (not what is expedient). Def of expedient – ‘a means of attaining an end, especially one that is convenient but possibly improper or immoral’. JBP says that it is important to sacrifice, have delayed gratification in what you do and pursue what is meaningful, rather than going for something that is beneficial in the short term and seems convenient to you.

Comparing the terms to Bhagavagad Gita, meaningful is similar to Swadharma of Hindu philosophy, and sacrifice is Yagna while expedience would be ‘Sankalpa’ or ‘Aarambhaa’. JBP says

“To have meaning in your life is better than to have what you want, because you may neither know what you want, nor what you truly need. Meaning is something that comes upon you, of its own accord. You cannot simply produce it as an act of will. Meaning signifies that you are in the right place at the right time properly balanced between order and chaos, where everything lines up as best it can at that moment”

12 Rules for life – Jordan B. Peterson.

Nothing could describe more accurately about the situation of Arjuna, the great warrior of Mahabharata who wanted to leave the battlefield, when two armies signifying good and evil, order and chaos, were facing each other at Kurukshetra. It is then that he wished to leave the field as he thought that he is bringing chaos to the world through his actions of killing others. Then Lord Krishna, urges Arjuna, to discard his ambitions of becoming a monk. Arjuna was trained as a warrior all his life and most important battle of humanity, he wanted to drop his weapon and go away to the forest. Krishna offers him the way of Naishkarma Siddhi – work according to your purpose or meaning, act on what is meaningful, offer the fruits of those actions to Him (Brahman). Through this he will be able to attain success in his work and also attain Nirvana or Oneness with Brahman.

To do what is meaningful, JBP says that we have to sacrifice now, to gain later. Sacrifice or Yagna is the basis of action in Hindu philosophy too. According to Hinduism, everything in the world is based on sacrifice, even the cycle of rains and crops is a sacrifice. Nature sacrifices. Each person sacrifices something. A person who lives only for himself and does not offer anything to the world, its better that he is dead. After reading 12 Rules for life, I think what it means that a person who does not offer anything in sacrifice is almost like a dead person as he has not improved his character and Being.

From the book, Tao te Ching has this:
He who contrives defeats his purpose;
and he who is grasping, loses.
The sage does not contrive to win,
and therefore is not defeated;
he is not grasping, so does not lose.

12 Rules for Life, Jordan B Peterson

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna repeatedly tells Arjuna not to start any work based on Sankalpa. Sankalpa would mean planning or intent. This has always confused me because I have always started something first by planning about it. But like Tao te Ching says, planning and contriving defeats the purpose. You lose meaning of yourself and the task. You want to complete the job at all cost. You fail to live in the moment. Not that planning is not important in the completion of a project. But many times we often stick to the plan and the results and not the meaning of the project. The way out is to sacrifice the result at the moment. Whatever aim you have, you carry out the task and forget the result. The focus should be on the task only and not the result. This helps to clean your soul itself in the long run and like JBP says allow you to have meaning and aim higher and higher.


The power of middle class

Mahatma Gandhi mentions in his autobiography that the middle class in India has the power to change the tides and they can easily follow the diet and suggestions that he was making in the book. Gandhiji’s diet suggestions and other suggestions to live a healthy and devotional life could look stringent to many but can be easily followed especially the middle class. He says that the rich are too indulged in their senses and hence they cannot follow the lifestyle suggested by him. And the poor live hand to mouth and always worry if they can live and get by another day. So even poor cannot be expected to follow his advise. But middle class has decent means and they can be persuaded to live a healthy and spiritual life.


I see this in many other ways too. Today the rich class is very oblivious to the plight of the poor and have no clue what worries the poor on a daily basis, what troubles their mind, what problems they want to see solved on priority. And the gap between the rich and poor is increasing annually with the poor having no idea what goes in within the castles of the rich. It is only the middle class who might have a fair idea of what the poor class goes through. And the middle class also has an inclination to what it means to be rich because today the middle class aspires to be rich soon. But it is this power of middle class to be in-between that can be an advantage to them. They could try to live a more healthier and spiritual life than trying to advance materially whole year. They are already devotional and  can additionally try to  control their senses and observe fast once a week or twice a month. They can teach their kids what is more important in life and not to forget the society at large if they ever become rich. Good habits formed while living in the middle class stage can be followed through when they become rich. Compared to the poor, the middle class are at a better position to use their intellectual faculty for the benefit of their neighbors and society. They can be more alert to the workings of the government and can raise important points to them. We often see that the poor are more emotional, hence the middle class can  bring their logical mind to the systems of the society.


But all these expectations from the middle class go unfulfilled because,  most importantly, today, they are in a continuous rat race trying to outdo one another to reach the top. They hate their middle class position and want to exit this stage and reach the higher class.  If citizens from middle class realize that they should work together as a whole like poor do, they can bring important change in the society.




Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, OPC, Private Limited – What should I choose to start my business

Many people starting their business for the first time are always in a dilemma on what option to choose to start their business in India – Proprietorship, partnership, Private Limited, Limited Liability Partnership or One-Person Company (OPC). I will share my views on these based on close experience of starting and running these forms of entities.

The factors that you should consider while choosing these options are:

  • Number of people managing the business
  • Number of investors in the business
  • Starting procedure
  • Income tax calculation
  • Statutory compliance & Auditor fee
  • Book of accounts
  • Exit strategy (very important)
  • Asset allocation
  • Liability


  1. Proprietorship – If you are a single individual who wants to start his own business, consultancy, freelancing, then this is the most simplest form of starting a business and easiest to maintain. You start a proprietorship simply by opening a current account in the bank. You don’t need a separate PAN card and basically the business entity – proprietorship – is the same as you. Since it doesn’t need a separate PAN, accounting is easier and you can choose to not maintain book of accounts while filing returns, which means that  annual returns of you and the business entity could be calculated based on a small percentage of annual income. This option is given in India as lot of small shop owners don’t maintain a book of records, but I have seen many small industrial setups too choosing this option. It also has the least statutory compliance. And if you ever you want to exit the business, you only need to close the bank account. But the liability is also maximum in this type, which means, if ever you owe money to your lenders or employees or government and you are not able to pay them, then your personal assets can also get involved to recover the dues. So choose this type depending on the risk taking ability of your business. If you are opening a consultancy or freelancing, you could start a proprietorship. But if you are starting a factory, you probably should think more about this option. Also, in case your death occurs, the business ceases to exist and all assets (including bank accounts) are now in the hands of your legal heirs.
  2. Partnership – This option can be used for 2 or more person wanting to start a business.  Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this option to anyone, especially with the LLP option now available in India. Partnership means unlimited liability for the partners. Partnership works if you are a group of lawyers, advocates, accountants or doctors coming together to provide a consultancy service. Or it might work if you are  a husband-wife couple in the business. Otherwise it is a risky option. I will give some of my reasons for this. First, to start a partnership you need to register a deed of partnership with a the Registrar of Firms. The deed of partnership can contain any clauses that you wish to enlist. It doesn’t cost much to register this deed. Then you need a separate PAN Card for the firm. Then you open a bank account.  You then maintain a book of accounts for the firm. But here is when things go different – while calculation income tax, the income tax slabs available to companies and individuals are not applicable to partnership firms. Partnership firms have to pay a flat tax rate of 30% and the remuneration provided to partners, which forms the major part of expenses in PnL,  has some restrictions. Also, presumptive taxation is allowed here   as available in Proprietorship. Partnership  firm is like proprietorship when it comes to liabilities, all partners are liable to pay the dues personally. Basically partnership firm is not a separate legal entity in the eyes of the law. The firm is the partners, whereas in Private Limited, the company is a separate legal entity. The only advantage of starting a partnership firm is that you can exit it easily, or stop the firm easily. Any partner can one day decide that the firm should shut down and the firm might cease to exist, depending on the Deed of partnership registered.
  3. Private Limited – This is the third and most popular option today and the government is trying hard to make the process easier. I have been running a private limited for quite sometime and now when my friends and acquaintances ask me about it, I advise them not to go for this. The major reason for that is the exit option. It is extremely hard and next to impossible to shut down a private limited company. Say you are two friends who want to start a startup and are excited to do business and if everything goes right, you will make millions. But if anything goes wrong and you want to shut down or quit, you can’t. It means  you will have to keep the company alive,  pay your CA some amount every year just to file  NIL returns annually and observe the statutory compliance. Indian government has recently brought the Bankruptcy law but things will be clear only after 3-4 years. Another negative aspect of Pvt Ltd is the increasing number of statutory compliance. Just in past 2 years, 2 compulsory forms have to be filed through digital signature by the directors, failing which the company will be rendered inactive or default. You need to understand that private limited was made to protect the rights of the investors. In Pvt Ltd, you have a separate legal entity, each director has to obtain a DIN,  the liability is not unlimited like partnership, so directors are not liable personally in case there are any dues to vendors, government, employees. Investors get shares and if the company does bad, the share money is lost. Hence the laws governing private limited are very stringent even now to protect money of all the people who come in contact with the business. But there are advantages too – income tax calculation is simple, separate tax slabs for companies, director salary is treated just like any other employee salary for the purpose of tax calculation,  the procedure to start a pvt ltd has come down considerably from past decade, even if one director exits or passes away, the company continues to stay, assets belong to company and  not to individuals as in case of proprietorship and partnership. I would recommend this option if you have other investors, apart from friends & family,  in your business. This option is similar to the Inc. option in USA.
  4. One Person Company – This is the most recent option available in India and is basically a private limited but with only one person. Private Limited required atleast 2 people and this option – OPC – allows a single individual to start a company too. As of now (2020) I would prefer to go for proprietorship than  a OPC, because the rules are not yet clear in all departments – Income tax, State departments etc. I am not yet sure what the exit options are to close the One Person Company.
  5. Limited Liability Partnership – LLP – This option was made available since 2012 and I hope the rules and laws regarding LLP are now clear. As it says, it is a limited liability which makes it the best option to start  small venture. You get the benefits of a partnership firm and also have limited liability like Pvt Ltd. This option is similar to the LLC available in USA. Partners still need to get  a DIN and get their firm registered with the Registrar. But presumptive taxation is not allowed in LLP. Since it’s been 8 years, it remains to be seen how many businesses have opted to close down the LLP and what the experience has been so far.

Overall, I would suggest to keep things simple when starting a business. Always have a goal in mind and be optimistic about your path, but also think of exit options if things don’t go well. You can choose any option first while starting a business and then after 2-3 years you could shift or convert to another type when situation changes. CAs and CS will do that for you. For example, you are an individual who wants to do consulting, then start a proprietorship now and then later go for the OPC if you think you need more investors for your business. If tomorrow you want to bring additional working partners then stop your proprietorship, start a partnership or LLP. Or if you are a group of friends who want to try a startup, then make a LLP now and then go for private limited later only when you need funding from investors. Knowing what works for you is also a part of the business journey.



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Apple TV and tvOS 13 Review

Apple TV has been a great addition to my bedroom. The tvOS 13 is really easy to use and provides some fantastic features to your TV viewing experience. Apple TV is a small box or like a mini-mini-mac that you connect to your TV through HDMI cable. It is a small box that fits in nicely in compact spaces too. The back portion of the box has space for power connection, HDMI connection to your TV and a network cable port but I think it is not used much due to Wifi easily available. Apple TV comes with Wifi and Bluetooth to connect to other devices.


It comes with a slim remote that is minimalistic in nature and very convenient to use. The remote has huge space for a tracking pad which allows you to swipe apps right-left-up-down.  Down below is a vertical volume button that increases or decreases the volume of your TV. It also has a dedicated button for Siri voice typing. This comes in handy many times when typing becomes inconvenient. If you want to take a break in between watching your favourite movie, there is a dedicated button for pause and play. The Menu button takes you to the previous screen of the app that you are using. There is a button next to the Menu button – long pressing this button gives the option to put the box to sleep; double-clicking this button shows all the apps that are running in the background. You can either swipe up the app to close the app or you can select the app to run. The remote is charged with a USB lightning cable provided in the box and once charged, the remote battery lasts for more than 2 months.

App Store

Apple TV has an app store from where you download apps. Major apps that I use are Netflix, Youtube, Prime. There are also other apps installed like Spotify for listening to music and games like Alto’s Odyssey, Real Racing, 2048. I have also installed Udemy through which I watch courses. There are health apps for doing exercise and yoga at home. I am using the Yoga Studio app for doing half an hour of yoga from their collection. There are a lot of social media apps too like Facebook Watch, Twitch. There are educational apps like NASA, TED, food recipe apps, news channel apps and many much more apps made especially for tvOS.

Apple Apps

iTunes movies have a great collection of movies available for buying and renting. Any movie on iTunes is available at a rent of Rs. 150 which is a good option if you have missed it in theatres. You can, of course, buy them from Rs. 100 to Rs. 700. Apple TV comes with Apple apps for Music & Photos. You can use these apps by connecting your iCloud account to the box and then see your photos and listen to your Apple music. It also has a Podcast app to listen to your favourite podcasts on TV

I have a Mac mini and iPhone, so sometimes I connect the mac mini to Apple TV through Airplay and watch Quicktime videos on Apple TV.  I also screen mirror from my iPhone to TV. If you install the TV app on iPhone, you can type on Apple TV through your iPhone. Overall it has become an indispensable part of my TV.


Apple TV is available on Amazon and comes with 2 versions – 32 GB and 64 GB. Most of the times we stream music and videos so 32 GB version is more than enough. If you are not going to download movies through iTunes and not going to play many games, I suggest going for 32 GB version.


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Nokia 8.1 mobile phone – 4 months usage review

I was searching now for an Android phone that had stock Android with it.  There are not many phones in the market though. Your best bet is to either buy Google Pixel or else select one of the Android One ranges that Google launched in 2014. Phones that are launched as Android One get minimum updates to Android OS  for 2 years. So if the phone is launched with Android Marshmallow, it will get Android Pie and Android X. Few manufacturers have launched phones under Android One but Nokia by HMD Mobile and Motorola have launched many phones under Android One as part of their strategy.

Nokia 8.1 was launched in December 2018 with Android Pie 9.0, and when you start the mobile, it upgrades to Android 10 immediately. The full specs of the phone can be found at GSMArena

But the major highlights of its specs are:

  • Qualcomm SDM710 Snapdragon 710
  • Adreno 616 GPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64GB Storage
  • 3500 mAh battery
  • Android Pie 9
  • Zeiss Optics Dual Camera – 13 MP, 12 MP,  f/1.8, 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS

I bought this phone from Amazon just around Diwali (October 2019). I chose this phone as it was available for Rs 15000/- and had lot of advantages over it’s peers at that price point-

  1. Stock Android 10  without any bloatware.
  2. Powerful Snapdragon 710 CPU
  3. 3.5 mm headphone jack
  4. FM Radio (though I don’t use it much)
  5. USB – C Connector with fast charging (18 W)
  6. Awesome good quality headphones

Unboxing – So I have been using it for 4 months now and am very happy overall with the phone.  The box comes with a USB C Charger 18 W and headphones. In today’s times, many companies are either not giving headphones or are bundling headphones of low quality with the box. But Nokia 8.1 comes with really good quality black headphones that look good and sound even better. The charger is also black and has a solid build feel to it.

(Photo taken by Nokia 8.1 camera)


The first time you start the phone it updates to Android 10. After the usual Android startup screens, you see the main screen and realize that how few apps are bundled by Android. The phone had very few apps bundled with it. It didn’t have many Google apps too. Out of the 64 GB Storage, the system takes 15 GB leaving you with 48-49 GB free space. The phone has a glass back leaving lot of fingerprints. I liked the Iron color which is kind of maroon and not found with other phone models.


The finger print is on the back of the phone below the camera which is bit inconvenient for multi-tasking and frequent usage. I prefer to have the fingerprint in the front. The phone detects the finger prints immediately without any lag. The camera is really good and clicks awesome photos in daylight. I haven’t click many photos in the dark but it does a decent job in low light settings too. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is at the top of the phone and USB C charging and speaker below. Speakers are loud and clear and also reflect the strong quality of the phone.  Dual sim can be inserted from the left and volume and power buttons on the right. But I found the phone thickness a bit larger for my taste and that could be because of the dual/triple/quad cameras available nowadays with phones. The phone weighs only 181 gm which is light enough for the pocket.


Even with a Snapdragon 710, I found that the phone hangs sometimes. Webpages in Chrome have found to be hanging atleast once a week. I currently have around 100+ apps installed and the phone does a decent job in keeping apps in the background. The drawer is a simple one and easily accessible from swiping up the menu. I never had to close the apps running in the background for performance improvement. I watch lot of Youtube videos and the phone easily lasts more than a day with 7 hours of screen time. Screen time is now easily available with Digital Well being introduced in Settings in Android 10. I didn’t find any heating issues with the phone but again, I don’t talk much on call so haven’t validated that with calling.

Stock Android: 

My first requirement was to have a stock android phone and I chose Nokia 8.1  for the same, so let me mention some benefits I found after using stock android for 4 months. Google’s stock phone call app has a spam feature built in that detects spam based on the Google listings for businesses. So you can easily use the phone without installing Trucaller app for spam protection. The digital well being is an added statistics that help you to monitor your screen time. There are dynamic wallpapers that change every day, just like it changes in Google Chromecast. It also has a good option to take screenshot by pressing the power button for 2 secs. I use this feature often for my work and social media. Google Photos is the default app for viewing your gallery and it syncs your photos to the cloud. It also has  a Files app to view your files on the phone.

The OS now has good features to block notifications and Android now doesn’t give permissions right away to every app. Though notifications are enabled by default for every app, it will ask the user for every other permission like SIM, Call logs,  SMS, Media, location etc. Regular updates to Android 10 are recieved on the phone, something which is not seen in other phones.

I didn’t like the messages app bundled in stock android and prefer to use SMS Organizer by Microsoft.

The 4 GB RAM is good enough but might be less if you prefer to play power hungry games. I see aroun 1.5GB free RAM most of the times on the phone.

Overall I love stock android and the hardware of Nokia 8.1 is aptly configured with the stock android. It is a great phone launched by HMD Nokia and value for money.  The phone is still available at Amazon and I definitely recommend it. It will get the next android OS version update  too when it launches.  You can go ahead and buy the phone from Amazon at:


New Podcast – Swadhyaya

I started a podcast today through The RSS feed for it is and the podcast is available at:

  1. iTunes
  2. Google Podcast
  3. Spotify
  4. Anchor


The podcast is about Swadhyaya – Reading and Learning Hindu scriptures.


Because Self-Experience Matters

My previous blog was called ‘Got Time to Blog…’ It was made in 2004 and I knew I wouldn’t get much time to blog. And I just entered my 20’s then and that was the best title I could come up with. I have been thinking to restart blogging again. I made couple of new blogs also – one for Hindu scriptures, 1 for entrepreneurship but then it was going to be difficult to maintain all of these. I hence collated all my previous blogs into one and today, in the shower, I came up with the title for the blog – Because Self-Experience Matters.

Why: Being a ardent believer of  Simon Sinek’s Start With Why,I was trying to find a reason to blog, something that mattered to me more than what or how I do it.  I want to publish this blog about my experiences. My Self Experiences. I believe that Self matters the most and I want to encourage others to do that as well. It is important that we all understand our self (self-study) and understand what we have experience.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Internet was once a beautiful place and even in this vast network each person had a sense of individuality. But now our sense of being an individual is losing day by day with the advent of social media. Many of us are becoming blinded by the advertisements thrown at us, the statistics shown to us, by academia, corporate, news and even government. In all this, how much does your experience on a subject matter? The millenials are getting more confused as they are born into a world where a person can’t hear even his own voice. Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram give a false sense of identity. We think we are speaking up but actually our voice and thoughts are bundled into a hashtag which becomes a statistic in itself for sentiment analysis.

What: What is self experience – A man is born into this world and experiences the world with his 5 senses – sight, sound, eat, touch and smell. What makes a man depends on what he does with his 5 senses, mind, intellect. All this constitutes the self. This opinion of the self is important than what the community & world thinks or believes. Self experience includes everything from mundane tasks to views on the world – my daily routine, the books I read, the movies I watch, the places I visit, the way I work, my views on religion, community, world and life itself.

How: I plan to start writing on this site more regularly (to the extent that it might look like my daily journal). I also plan to have YouTube videos and podcast later.


Bhagavad Gita

FAQ answered from Bhagavad Gita

Question: Why do good people die early and bad people live happy? Shouldn’t God punish those who do evil?

Answer: According to Hindu religion, God is not a judge who rewards or punishes people after they die. He says in Bhagavad Gita that for him everyone is same, he does not like or dislike anyone, but a true bhakt is same as Him. For a true bhakt, refer to Chapter 12 of Bhagavad Gita Verse 12 onwards. Even if the worst person worships him, he will soon find Him.

Our actions or karma decide our fate. No one escape his karma. Even if a evil person one day realizes his fault and takes the path of God, he still has to bear the results of his previous evil actions. But he is now able to face those results without any hesitation because he has become a true devotee.


Question: So does that mean that I should do evil and then pray to God for forgiveness? How will this  ensure that evil will vanish?

Answer: If a person truly worships God he will one day definitely stop his evil actions and merge with God, that is, become God incarnate himself.


Internet was once a beautiful place

I was reminiscing on the time I first found the Internet. It was such a joy to find knowledge at your fingertips. You could get so much information online, even before Google launched their search engine. You could connect with people on forums, chat servers. You could publish your own blog and add RSS feed which people could connect to .You had this sense of individual identity in the expansive network of the web.

But things changed after Facebook came. One person’s dream to connect the world together.  The world was already connected but Mark wanted to connect them all together on his platform. Hence emerged the idea of Social Network, followed by Twitter and millions of other social networks. The issue is that these platforms control what to show to whom. Compared to the internet which is neutral to everyone, social media platforms including Google Search decide whether your content is worth sharing to others. Hence you start behaving in a manner conducive to those platforms and therein you lose your actual identity. You will start putting hashtags, links to other sites just so that your post is shared to as many people as possible. You will put click bait headings – ‘How to’, ‘Top 10’, ‘You got to see …’.  The problem of fake news is now at an alarming level. We are so dependent on these platforms to give us content that we don’t even care if the content is fake.

The solution is to go back to old stuff. Quit these platforms, go to news sites, use news feed.  Bring back the old Internet which was truly neutral.

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My Journey in reading Shrimad Bhagavatam

I finished reading Shrimad Bhagavatam this year in January. It took me one year to complete it. I finally finished it and it was an awesome experience. The interesting thing is that at the end of the book in Section 12, it is said:
  • A Sattvic reader will finish the book in 30 days
  • A Rajasic reader will finish the book in 7 days
  • A Tamasic reader will finish the book in 1 year
I wanted to read this book since 4 years. I was contemplating whether I should read in English or Hindi. I decided to read it in Hindi as I already had Sukh Sagar by Gitapress Gorakhpur. Gitapress prints Shrimad Bhagavatam under the name Sukh Sagar.
I had heard that there are many rituals and rules to follow to read this book. I couldn’t follow all those rules to complete the book. One thing I would definitely observe is to keep the book at a clean place with a red cloth underneath and read it with clean hands. Good intention and devotion to Lord Vishnu is the most important thing required to read this book. And of course, God’s grace and blessings.
Initially I thought I could complete this book in 2 months but my father passed away after I started reading it.  I did not read the book for around 5-6 months. I then started reading it again, especially on Ekadashi days (twice a month). Slowly I picked momentum and could complete the book in January 2018.
I am not going to write a review of the book here. That will need a another post. The book has amazing stories around Bhakti. It chronicles the era of Gods, Devatas, Asuras, Rishis, Rajarshis. Then the era of Lord Krishna arrives where Dharma is all mixed up. The stories of Lord Krishna takes almost 25% of the book and keeps you engaged. The 11th section has Uddhava Geeta which contains chapters on how a householder should live in the society and simultaneously worship God. Uddhava Geeta was like an elaboration on Bhagavad Geeta.
This is one of my favourite books, other being Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta. Mahabharata is also good but its very long at 100,000 verses. This book contains around 18,000 verses. I wish you luck and blessings from God if you want to read this book. I am providing the link to purchase the Amazon Kindle edition of Shrimad Bhagavatam by Gitapress Gorakhpur. They publish it under the title name of Shri Shuka Sudha Sagar. 
Shrimad Bhagavatam or Shri Shuka Sudha Sagar –