Here we go again….

The title of my blog has always been ‘Got Time to Blog…’ I believe that the title of your blog, product, entity, company has a huge bearing on the behaviour in future. Same way that the name of the child has some bearing on his/her behaviour. Hence I have always blogged whenever I got time to blog and I never tried to force myself to write one blog per week or one blog per month (which many people do just to stay connected with the world!)

Anyways, I wanted to start blogging for a long time and finally out of my busy schedule I managed to write this post – to announce that I am starting it again. Same stuff, same belief, just new learning and experiences since the last time I blogged.

But I am going to be micro-blogging rather than blogging. Frankly speaking, I do not have much time to write a full fledged blog though I would love to do so sometime. So expect lot of short articles, quotes, pictures from now on.

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