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Lord Of the Rings – The Book

I finished Lord Of The Rings book last week. I wanted to read it since the first movie of the series – The Fellowship of the Ring was released ( that was 6 years back ) . I finally got the time and chance to read it. And I loved it.

This is one of the finest books I have ever read. The other ones were The Fountainhead, The Alchemist and The Kite Runner.

I wanted to write an elaborate review of this book. Many were left in draft, and then deleted. Words deceived me to elaborate the grandeur of this book. I then realized my review will not do any justice to the book. But I will just say this much, that it took me to a world which no other book has ever done before. I saw the depth of relationships that I had not seen before. Please read it if you get the chance to do so. It is a work of literature, and anyone who loves reading should read this book.

I salute J.R.R Tolkien.

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