Here I am , This is me….

I am writing after a long time. I have gone through lot of changes since my past blog. I am an engineer now ! And the biggest change is I have started working now. Yay ! After 4 years of hard-work and competition, I am now earning. So , been doing 9 to 6 ( or rather 9 to 9 ! ) job at a company in Pune. No time to read books, no time to meet friends, no time to do things that I want to do or that relaxes my mind. Maybe thats the reason I havent been blogging.

And so from now on, I will change my style of writing. I will try to write small blogs, but as frequently as possible. It will encompass a variety of topics ( more on me 🙂 ) . If you visit my blog and dont find any new addition, then please leave a comment or buzz me ! I will try to update the blog for my readers …….Ok ?

P.S. : I wrote this blog from my office, with my colleagues staring at my monitor all along, so will try to write from home only !!!

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